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Are You Living Your Dream?

I believe you are born with your gift planted inside you. Have you found your gift? Are you using it to serve or improve the human experience? My son has wanted to be a pilot since he was three years old. Now, he also said he wanted to be a train conductor, but there was something about planes that stuck with him.

He was about 4 or 5 when he asked me to go to the airport to watch the planes takeoff. I really didn't want to go, but I said, “okay.” He was about 8 when he learned how to find books in the library, and when he wanted to check out 600-page reference books on planes (that he could barely carry), I said, “okay.” At 13 when he was to take his first introductory ride with the Young Eagles—in a plane that I would not go in myself due to my fear of heights—I swallowed hard while signing the waivers, said a prayer, and said, “okay.” The day before his 18th birthday, I watched in awe and admiration as he completed his first solo flight. Watching him live his dream is beyond inspiring, and I hope it inspires you to live yours.

Watch his landing and takeoff here:



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