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5 Celebrated Picture Books - Order all three and SAVE!!


Early literacy is the key to your child's success in school. Begin reading to children as soon as they enter the world and make reading a part of their daily routine. This bundle will motivate and inspire your child to dream big and to love themselves and the world around them. 


The five books include:


I Am inspires children to think about all the positive qualities they possess.


I Love explores the simple things in life that bring up joy. 


Last Night I Dreamed I Was a Doctor follows a boy and girl as they help their patients with a bruised knee, the flu, eating vegetables, and getting a check-up. 


Last Night I Dreamed I Was a Teacher follows a boy and girl as they teach children their ABCs, have story time, sing songs, and go on field trips. 


Last Night I Dreamed I Was a Musician follows a boy and girl as they discover the violin, cello, piano, and flute.

Each book: Paperback |  8.25  x  8.25 | approx. 26 pages
Author: Nadine Johnson

Early Literacy Picture Book Bundle

$64.75 Regular Price
$44.75Sale Price
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