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Books to Motivate and Inspire a Child


I Love is a wonderful picture book to read with your child before bedtime. It explores the simple things in life that bring us joy—from the feeling of sand between our toes to the warm hugs and kisses from Mom. This heartwarming picture book will be loved by boys and girls.


I Love is a character-building book in the Motivate and Inspire Series. It's a great children’s book for preschool story time and for earlier readers. I Love is an inspiring picture book to read with all children.


Age: For preschool through first grade
Paperback | 8.25 x 8.25 | Second Edition
Author: Nadine Johnson



"I Love, is filled with a gentle flow of rhyme. Each word allows the reader to see, feel, touch and smell with every page. The flawless photography invites the readers to share their own experiences at the beach, with water, playing soccer and more. Parents and teachers can inspire children to learn more about the world around them by introducing them to the 5 senses.
     The simplicity of I Love reaches far beyond what we see everyday. It brings about knowledge and wonder and a bond. I highly recommend this book."
—Kristi’s Book Nook, Book Reviewer,


I Love follows an adorable toddler as he explores the world around him and celebrates all the things he loves, including sandcastles, splashing in the ocean, playing soccer, and feeling sand between his toes. Story time is sure to be a hit when families share this child’s wonder as he picks flowers, breathes sweet scents and lets his imagination run where it will. 
      I Love is really a lovely book. It explores all the lovable things in a toddler’s busy life, and inspires both personal reflection and vivid conversation between parent and child. It is also chocked full of stunning photography and lyrical content that are guaranteed to calm active little spirits at the end of a trying day. The book has a sleek, aesthetically beautiful hardcover binding that should withstand the wear and tear that comes with repeated handling, and it is small and lightweight – great for curious little fingers.”
—Rita Lorraine, Picture Book Depot,


Customer Reviews

"I love the beautiful images and the rhymes in this book!" —Christine 



I Love Picture Book

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