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It's an honor to have I Write Rhymes selected as a 2022 Bocas Lit Fest Chidren's Book Prize finalist. More here.


I Write Rhymes is a contemporary, middle grade novel with dynamic poetry throughout. It tackles the heavy topic of race in America, but it's written to be easily digestible for middle graders. Readers will root for the main character, Moses, who is hilarious, quirky, and an impressive poet. After reading the book, readers will feel hopeful—not heavy. 


This is a critical book to share with middle graders of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Readers will be able to relate to the band of characters who make this story enjoyable and thought-provoking. 


I Write Rhymes will help to  initiate discussions with students about race and the biases that exist in our society. Children are our future, therefore it’s important to have open dialogue that can lead to progress and change for the better. 


About the Book


Eighth grade poet, Moses Jackson, learns his family structure will be changing, and his anger leads him to make a bad decision. He is forced to move to a new school where he encounters racism for the first time. Writing poetry helps Moses to cope, but the treatment from his teacher and classmates pushes him to the edge. 


Moses must learn to love his new extended family and his blackness. He also has to decide if he should speak up about how his teacher treats him at the risk of getting kicked out of school.



I Write Rhymes

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