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Inspirational poems about life and spiritual poems about God have the ability to transform our mind, body, and soul.


I wanted to write a spiritual book that can inspire a child or an adult to build gratitude for God's ever-present love — a book that will be read over and over again to calm the soul — a book that represents our journey, evolution, and understanding of life. 


LOVE is simply a poem about life and God's love. This poem is accompanied by vibrant photographs of nature to illustrated how God surrounds us with love daily. LOVE is an uplifting keepsake book that reveals what love truly is and how easy it is to access. This book inspires gratitude and will bring forth joy in anyone who reads it. Readers will find affirmations, strength, and faith. It's a great book to share with the entire family and a heart-warning gift for a loved one. 


Short excerpt from LOVE:

What is Love?
Treasures from the sea brought forth by rippling waves
Beautiful daisies springing up among weeds
Raindrops producing growth to sustain life
Divine strength that keeps all things standing
Sun rising in the morning no matter what happened the day before
Goodness from the earth nourishing the body
Broken pieces crafted to become the cornerstone . . .


Ages: For all readers
January 2017 | 6 x 10 | 44 pages
Hardbound | ISBN 978-0-9814874-8-9 | $19.95


Customer Reviews

"Love is Simply Beautiful! In life, love can be complicated. This book reminds us of Love's beautiful simplicity!" —Christine on Feb 07, 2017




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