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Vision – A Must to Survive and Thrive

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Be a part of the solution and help a child dream.

Having vision is a must to survive and thrive in this world. Vision can take you from poverty to posterity. It can lead you out of despair and into triumph. Without vision, we can become stuck in an endless cycle of nothingness — doing nothing, striving for nothing, wanting nothing, expecting nothing, believing in nothing, and giving nothing to world.

We are each born with a divine purpose. However, vision has to be nurtured in children from they are young so that they grow with intent and purpose. When children have vision, they begin to crave education and experiences that move them toward their vision.

I wrote the Last Night I Dreamt children’s book series to help parents and teachers start the conversation with young children about their futures. It is important for us to dream with our children. Parents and teachers must ask questions about what they like to do and expose them to careers that match their likes. We have to help children discover their purpose and strengthen their vision to the point where they can see themselves living out their dreams.

It’s too late to wait until a child is about to graduate from high school to ask him what he wants to do with his life. He should already have a strong vision for his life by then and a manageable path mapped out. Of course there are many unforeseen circumstances that will occur, but a strong vision of the future will navigate him through, around, or over them.

We can help children escape poverty by teaching them how to dream about what can be instead of focusing on what is, thereby developing a vision for the future. The great Bob Marley sings, in Redemption Song, “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but our self can free our mind.” Once your mind is emancipated, you are free to dream, desire, and strive for a better future. 

It doesn’t take money or a degree to develop a child’s vision. All it takes is love, imagination, and a willingness to explore the unknown. Let’s uplift and rebuild our communities — one vision at a time. Start with yourself and then inspire a child to dream today. 

Nadine Johnson

Nadine Johnson @nadinejohnsonbooks


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