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Raising a Global-Minded Child

It can start with a good book.

We are all a part of this world, which means we are all connect no matter where we call home. We all want the best for our lives and our children’s lives. We all laugh when we hear a good joke, get angry when we are deceived, or cry when sad. We are all human beings having human experiences on the planet, and that makes us one.

A global mindset is necessary to be able to adapt and grow. Babies are a blank slate when they enter this world. Their experiences and environment help to shape their thoughts about their place in this world. Their environment can be as small as a block or city or as large as the entire world. The bigger their environment the more connected and empathic they become to different peoples around the globe. Therefore, it’s highly beneficial to raise a global-minded child.

Traveling the world is a great way to raise a global-minded child, but it isn’t practical for most parents. So how do you expand your child’s environment and raise a child with a global mindset? The best and least expensive way is to visit your local library—it’s free! Select great books for your children to read that show different peoples and cultures in their authentic light. Select videos that take your children to different parts of the world to meet people who look nothing like them or exactly like them.

I remember reading books like Rain School by James Rumford to my son when he was five years old and how impactful they were to him. I sought out books that exposed him to different cultures and religions. I also showed him videos on animals in the Savannah, China, and fish in the oceans. We have lived on the same block for many years, but we “visited” all seven continents by simple reading books and watching educational videos. Now he wants to be a pilot so he can see more of the world.

It is important for children to see themselves as part of the world, rather that just a part of a city, state, or country. Raising a global child fosters tolerance, love, and respect for all human beings. Take a look at your book or video shelf. Are you raising a global-minded child?

Add some of these books to your library and inspire a child today!

Nadine Johnson


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